Digital ADVERTISING: Client: MontBlanc / Agency: Leo Burnett / Title: Trubute to the Mont Blanc

Montblanc for the Mont Blanc.

Montblanc will promote the preservation of this environment, towards which the brand has such a deep bond, devolving part of the proceeds of Pure White collection to the cause.

But how can we involve people all over the world? With a tribute to Mont Blanc.

The ascent remake

The ascent will be the core of the tribute, celebrating the deep emotion that the Mont Blanc still represents.

Troubles, breathtaking landscapes, meteorological conditions, mood: everything will become a video, in point of view shot, where the point of view is that of the climbers. People will use their eyes to discover the mountain.


In order to make people embrace the Mont Blanc cause, they have to experience its greatness, to live its original pureness, restoring the relationship between human beings and Nature.

That’s why we are going to create a project that not only gives info about the Mont Blanc environment, history and situation, but that also speaks through the very voice of the mountain.

Moreover, to climbers will repeat the first ascent to the top, recreating the ‘800 conditions, giving people the chance to live the Mont Blanc through their eyes in a dimension that evokes a pristine, primordial power:
the one in which nature is still untouched and enchanting.

The project

People will be invited to re-live the experience of the first 1786 ascent in real time through the eyes of the climbers.

The site will be a journey that leads from the past to the present, in which the Mont Blanc will star and shine in every single aspect. The theme of the first ascent, hence of the first uncorrupted exploration, is the bridge that people will cross, through:

_Mont Blanc introducing itself;
_The story of the first ascent;
_The first ascent remake;

The video will be also available on iPad, iPhone and, via widget, on personal computers providing the audience with special contents.

Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, AfterEffect, Acrobat, Premiere Pro